As leaders in data management and business intelligence, we at Etactics understand how to check the vital signs of your organization to help you monitor both the strengths and weakness of your revenue cycle.



The Virtual Data mri

We pass your data under a virtual MRI to help you uncover and prevent revenue leaks, provide education to define best practices, prepare for payer negotiations, calculate asset valuation, and discover red flags pertinent to merger activities with our Revenue Vitals Report technology.



The Revenue Vitals Report is generated by the AppealsPlus™ product. By upgrading to a full version of AppealsPlus™, reports can be run in real-time and the denials discovered through Revenue Vitals can be worked through innovative work queues.


  • Uncover and prevent further revenue leakage
  • Provide education and define best practice
  • Prepare for payer negotiations
  • Calculate asset valuation and discover red flags pertinent to merger and acquisition activities

We only need two ingredients


  • ANSI 835s
  • 7 - 10 business days
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We can make the Revenue Vitals Report as detailed as you need. It's simple, give us an general idea of the information most important to your organization and we'll produce the report exactly how you want.