Denials by code

The first category of interactive graphs built within the solution is the Denials by Code graph. This graph displays your denial amount versus the total denial count. The denial amount is on the bar graph where the denial count is on the line graph. This gives you a great overall glimpse into the health of your organization.

To move between the different graphs provided within the solution, navigate through the different combinations of drop-down menus located at the top of this section.

KPI Trends chart

Users within the solution can select navigate between the different interactive charts by clicking the top left drop down bar. The second graph on the list is the KPI Trends Chart. This chart compares your total number of claims, both approved and denied. This chart quickly gives you an idea your conversion ratio.

Denials by group

The third graph on the list is the Denials by Group graph. This is a great graph for looking at your total number of denials broken down into different categories based on their status. There are multiple different categories that are instantly displayed on this chart to help you analyze your biggest problem areas.

Denials by user

The Denials by User interactive chart built within AppealsPlus™ gives you stacked overview of your denials by denied dollars and denials by count. You can quickly and easily go through each year, simply click on the year category drop box. We took it one step further by allowing users to also sort through this chart by specific facility.