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Denial Table View

Denial Appeal Queue Board

Appeals KANBAN Board

Denial Card Viewer

Form PDF Generator

Denial Management

AppealsPlus™ lives up to its expectation and automates your denial management processes. It's a SaaS-based solution that provides the ability to manage your denials from anywhere and at anytime. From within the denials portion of the solution can view your important accounts from three different views - Table, Appeals KANBAN board, and Denial Queue KANBAN board.

Appeals kanban board

If you are a more visual person and would like to physically see the workflow of your appeals, you can click on the Appeals KANBAN Board from within the solution. From here you can see the status of your appeals, categorized into six different workflow queues:

  • Information Gathering
  • Medical Review
  • Write Appeal
  • Send Appeal
  • Awaiting Payer Response
  • Resolution

Denial Queue KANBAN Board

Our KANBAN board workflow capabilities make the appeal and denial process much easier. On the next tab within the Denial Management section you can view the Denial KANBAN board. Each of the "cards" within this window are interactive and can be viewed in separate windows. This board is similar to the Appeals KANBAN Board and also has six different workflow queues:

  • Unreviewed
  • In review
  • Coding
  • Patient Access
  • Rebill
  • Appeal

Denial Card viewer

Once one of the cards from within the Denial or Appeal KANBAN Boards is clicked an expanded, detailed view will appear. From within this window you can view all of the data that is pertinent to that particular appeal or denial. The data you can expect to see from this view includes check information, appeals information, claim information, any scheduled activities, and all of the logged activities for a particular denial or appeal.

PDF Form generator

If you click on a document you would like to view on the bottom section of the Denial Card Viewer, another window will pop-up on your screen that gives you a detailed, interactive form where you can physically go into each section and fill out the information. These interactive PDF forms decrease the probability of an error and increase the productivity level of your employees.