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AppealsPlus™ provides process, workflow and business intelligence improvement in identifying and appealing underpaid and denied claims. It's a cloud-based solution that automatically analyzes ERAs, applies rules to place suspect payments and denials in appropriate work queues, and utilizes dashboards and key performance indicators to provide quantitative management and used to help drive decisions.



The Revenue Vitals Report

Big data and informatics are the prevailing buzzwords in the healthcare industry today, but words alone won't solve any problems. How can hospitals or physician groups find value in their data without hassle? What can display the vital signs of a healthcare organization? We believe that these are all questions are important when analyzing data.



Find out how AppealsPlus™ can help you improve both your denial management and workflow for underpaid and denied claims

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Revenue Vitals

Learn how health systems and providers are able to identify revenue opportunities without the hassle of assembling data from disparate sources.

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Since 1999, Etactics, Inc. has been a key industry leader by providing cloud-based solutions that enhance the Revenue Cycle Management.

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